Flat Rate Shipping

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Flat Rate Shipping

ShipPlus allows you to create a Flat rate shipping setup in your WooCommerce store. It will define a standard shipping rate for a zone.

Follow below documentation to learn how you can create Flat rate shipping setup with ShipPlus.


Configuration Steps

You will need fulfil below requirements to create flat rate shipping in your WooCommerce store,

  1. Shipping Zone setup
  2. Shipping Rates setup

Shipping Zone Setup

Flat rate shipping will work with WooCommerce shipping zones. Follow the below steps to create flat rate setup,

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping
  • Create a new shipping zone or edit available zone
  • If you are making a new zone, add a name and preferred country.
  • After shipping zone is created, Click on Add shipping method.
  • Chose Flat rate boxes method from the dropdown and click on add
  • Flat Rate boxes> Add Method
  • Click on Edit button under flat rate box method

How to configure Flat rate settings?

After you click on Edit flat rate box method, you will need to update settings for flat rates,

  • Name – Give a name to your shipping method which customer will use on checkout page
  • Increment – Add a handing fee over shipping charges that your store will collect
  • Tax status – Apply tax on on flat rate

Shipping Rates Setup

After you have setup shipping zones, you will need to configure dimensions of corrugates shipping boxes. Follow the below steps to define packaging dimensions and pricing according to it,

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping
  • Choose the shipping zone you want to customise
  • Click on settings and you will need to assign packaging dimensions,
    • Name – Give name to shipping method for customers to chose
    • Tax – Include tax in shipping charges
    • Corrugated Box Dimensions – Assign dimension of your packages
    • Cost – add cost for assigned dimension
    • Weight based costing – Add cost for defined weight of package
    • Increment – Add handling fees and management charges as percentage or flat fee.
  • Click on save changes.

Important Links

After you have setup Flat rate shipping successfully with ShipPlus, you can display rates automatically on your checkout page. But, if you find any difficulties in with rates then follow the below links.

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