Product Setup

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Customise Products

You will need to customise product dimension and WooCommerce measurements settings before start using Shipping carriers. WooCommerce allows you to customise product’s weight and dimensions setup.


WooCommerce Measurements -

ShipPlus will work after you have setup WooCommerce dimensions and weight options. Based on shipping carrier and your country, you will need to assign a measurement type to your store.

How to customise WooCommerce Measurements?

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General
  • You will find Measurements tab. Update Weight unit and Dimensions unit based on your service provider and your base country.


Product Dimension -

To allow ShipPlus to calculate the shipping prices, you will require to add product’s dimension and weight details.

How to customise Product Dimension?

  • Go to Products > Choose product > Product Data Section > Shipping Tab
  • Add your product’s dimension and weight data
  • Save and publish product.