Conditional Shipping

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Shipping Conditions

ShipPlus allows you to create shipping conditions and login restrictions on your WooCommerce store.

Follow the shipping conditions feature page to learn more.

ShipPlus allows you to create conditions based on,

  1. Shipping method rules
  2. Payment Gateway rules
  3. Location rules

Configuration Steps

Follow below steps to create shipping conditions and rules,

  • ShipPlus configuration
  • Create Conditions
    • Based on Shipping Method
    • Based on Payment Gateway
    • Based on customer location
  • Create Customer Notice
  • Testing & Errors

ShipPlus Configuration

You can access the conditions Conditions & Rules page from WooCommerce setting menu. You can control all the shipping condition operations from this page. It will allow you to manage and create new rules.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Conditions & Rules Tab

In your WooCommerce store, you can apply rules and conditions with 2 application methods,

  1. Global rules
  2. Separate rules

It will decide how rules should be applied to change shipping conditions. Global rules will be applied across your whole WooCommerce store and Separate rules will be applied only to the specific product that you chose.

Global Rules

Global rules will be applied across your WooCommerce store. It will allow you to apply all the available conditions to all the products with a single setup.

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings 
  • Open Conditions & Rules tab
  • As shown in above image, You will find 3 available condition types,
    • Shipping Method
    • Payment Gateway
    • Customer Location
  • Choose your preferred condition. and complete condition setup.
  • Save & Publish to apply condition across store.

Separate Rules

Separate rules will be applied only to the product that you choose. You will need to apply conditions to every product manually. 

Follow the below steps to create a separate rule,

  • Go to Products
  • Choose product to apply rules > Open Edit product tab
  • Under product data tab, you will see a new section named “Shipping Rules”
  • Open Shipping Rules
  • From the dropdown, Choose your preferred condition. You can choose betwee,
    • Shipping Method
    • Payment Gateway
    • Customer Location
  • You will need to setup the rules based on your choice.
  • Save & publish to apply for product.

Create Conditions

Based on what type of condition you want to create, configuration steps will change. You can create 6 types of conditions with ShipPlus,

  1. Global – Shipping method based conditions – here
  2. Separate – Shipping method based conditions – here
  3. Global – Payment Gateway based condition
  4. Separate – Payment Gateway based condition
  5. Global – Customer Location based condition
  6. Separate – Customer Location based condition

Follow below documentation for condition setup.

Create Customer Notice

You will need to add notices for customers to instruct about available options based on their location, orders and payment options.

 You need to add notices for customer to avoid checkout errors and confusion.

  • Displaying right notices will lead to easier checkout process
  • It will improve cart abandonment issues.
  • Customers will get easier checkout experience.

ShipPlus shows notices by default also, But you can customise them as per your need.

How to configure notice?

There is no need to configure setup to use notices unless you want to showcase restricted options. Notices works well with all 3 types on conditions and both types of application methods also.

You can show if you want to display all shipping options to customer or display only eligible shipping options. If you choose the showcase shipping options that are strictly eligible then you do not need to show any notice.

For example – You store provides A,B,C, and D type of payment gateways and your customer is only for A and B type of payment gateways.

Then you can choose if you only want to show option A and B. Or you want to show all available options and show a notice.

Notice setup for both global and separate condition is same.

  • After you create any condition, You will see a options button.
  • Activate “Options”
  • You can add your notice in custom notice text area.
  • Descriptive notice about the eligible options will be loaded automatically.

What is a custom notice?

You can add custom notices to display messages to your customer on checkout.

What is a descriptive notice?

Descriptive notices will show automatically if customer makes any mistake in checkout process.

How to cusotmise notice?

There are no customisation options available currently in ShipPlus. You will need to customise notice tab using custom CSS code.

Follow this page to learn how you can customise notices using CSS.

Testing & Errors

Since you are adding conditional logics to shipping pages, it is possible to create cross logics and create errors. 

How to test conditions?

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings 
  • Open Rules & Condition Tab
  • Under Dashboard section, Activate Testing
  • Enable debug mode
  • Click on save changes.

You will be able to see all debug messages on checkout page for every product.

You can figure out all the working logics for your store.