Order Notification

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Order Notifications

ShipPlus allows you to send Order and Stock notifications to WooCommerce recipients. You can send order updates about shop managers and third party service providers.

You can use these notifications as a shop manager notice, staff updates, sending stock info about supplier, sending order info to drop shippers and much more.

Follow the below documentation to use ShipPlus order notifications.



  • SMTP

Configuration Steps

Complete the configuration process with below steps to make setup easier,

  • Create a Notification
  • Assign a trigger

Create Notification

ShipPlus will create a new menu option in your dashboard to create a notification.

  • Go to WooCommerce > ShipPlus Notifications
  • Click on Add New Notification

After you have created a notification, You will need to add details about recipient and order.

Go to Recipient Details,

  • Add details on who should receive the notification. Recipient is the receiver.
  • Recipient Name – The name of the receiver.
  • Recipient Email – Email address of receiver.
  • Recipient Address – Add the address of the receiver.
  • Recipient Number Add the contact details about receiver.
  • Recipient Website – Add receiver’s website address.

Go to Notification Details,

  • Notification Format – choose between a text or HTML format.
  • Notification Types – Choose what type of notifications should be activated
  • Triggers – Triggers decided when notification should be processed.
  • Details List – Choose what details should be included in the email notification.

*Important fields that you must mention are marked.

Assigning Trigger

Trigger decided which action will activate a notification. With ShipPlus, you can setup 4 types of triggers.

  • Purchase 
  • Category
  • Shipping Class
  • Custom

Whenever any of above triggers are activated, recipients will receive a notification about the order.

Purchase – Whenever someone places any order on store, notifications are sent.

Category – Whenever someone places order in a specific category, notifications are sent.

Shipping class – Whenever someone places order in a specific shipping class, notifications are sent.

Custom – Notifications will be sent only if the custom selected product is ordered. You will need to manually assign this to your preferred products.

How to setup trigger?

  • Go to WooCommerce > ShipPlus Notifications
  • Edit Notification
  • Under notification detail, you will find 3 options.
    • Purchase
    • Category
    • Shipping Class
  • You will need to assign trigger of your choice
  • Click on save

How to setup Custom trigger?

  • Go to Product > Edit Product
  • Product Data Section
  • Open General Tab
  • Add the recipient in the General tab
  • Click on save