Table Rate Shipping

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Table Rate Shipping

ShipPlus allows you to create a Table rate shipping setup in your WooCommerce store. It will define multiple shipping rates based on customer’s location, orders, cart totals, product weight, and much more.

Learn more about ShipPlus Table rate shipping features

Follow below documentation to learn how you can create Table rate shipping setup with ShipPlus.

Configuration Steps

You will need fulfil below requirements to create table rate shipping in your WooCommerce store,

  1. Add Shipping Zones
  2. Add Shipping Classes
  3. Add Table Rates

Shipping Zone Setup

Table rate shipping will work with WooCommerce shipping zones. Follow the below steps to create flat rate setup,

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping
  • Create a new shipping zone or edit available zone
  • If you are making a new zone, add a name and preferred country.
  • After shipping zone is created, Click on Add shipping method.
  • Assign a country to shipping zone and save.
  • Now click on add shipping method.
  • Choose Table Rates
  • Click on Add & Save
  • Click on Edit button under Table rate box method

How to Configure Table Rates Settings?

After you click on Edit table rate box method, you will need to update settings for flat rates,

  • Name – Give a name to your shipping method which customer will use on checkout page
  • Increment – Add a handing fee over shipping charges that your store will collect
  • Tax status – Apply tax on on flat rate
  • Click on save 

Shipping Class Setup

Shipping classes are used to group products with similar features that ShipPlus uses to display rates.

It is easier to add products to a shipping class and assign shipping charges using table rates for that specific class. 

How to Configure Shipping Class?

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Classes
  • Click on add new class
  • Add following details,
    • Name – It will be used in ShipPlus and product setup
    • Slug – Assign a slug to give shipping class
    • Description – Give a description to shipping class
  • Go to Products > Edit Product
  • Go to Shipping tab in Edit Product section
  • Choose shipping class from dropdown and save product settings

Product will be added to the shipping class.

If you have a variable product, You can assign same class or new class under variation settings.

How to Configure Shipping Class Priorities?

After you complete Table Rate setup, You will see priorities tab under shipping classes page.

  • It works with Per order condition only.
  • It will work when customer has products from different shipping class in package.
  • Highest priority class will be calculated in such cases.
  • Highest priority class = Lowest number

Table Rates Setup

After Shipping zones and classes are set, You will need to complete table rate setup. Follow the below steps,

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Your preferred zone
  • Click on edit under table rate shipping method 
  • You will need to customise below setting options.
    • General Info
    • Rates
    • Corrugated Box Dimensions
  • Follow below general info settings,
    • Name – Give name to shipping method for customers to chose
    • Tax – Include tax in shipping charges
    • Tax included – Choose if tax is included in shipping charges or not.
    • Increment – Add handling fees and management charges as percentage or flat fee.
  • Follow below rates settings,
    • Logic – Choose what should be the base of calculations
    • Max Cost – Add a Maximum Charge limit which shipping charges will not cross.
    • Min Cost – Add a Minimum Charge limit which shipping charges will not cross.
    • Min/Max Discounts – Final Discounted prices is considered for min/max calculation
    • Min/Max Tax –  Final Tax prices is considered for min/max calculation
  • Follow below Corrugated box dimension settings,
    • Name – Give a name to the rule
    • Condition – Choose the base login for calculations
    • Min/Max – Add limiting values for the chosen condition
  • Add pricing to rules,
    • Base Cost – Cost of the total package.
    • Per Item Cost – Per item based cost.
    • Weight Cost – Cost per kg for packed items. (Kg/Lb – based on your store)
    • Percentage Cost – Percentage of total package value based cost

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After you have setup Table rate shipping successfully with ShipPlus, you can display rates automatically on your checkout page. But, if you find any difficulties in with rates then follow the below links.

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