Privacy Notice

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E-Commerce Privacy With ShipPlus

If you are using ShipPlus in your WooCommerce store, you are collecting some of the user data which you need to mention in your privacy policy.

  • Sharing customer’s billing address to your chosen third-party service.
  • Collecting customer data to your store (Billing Address, Postcode & Shipping Address)

Note – ShipPlus is not storing any data of your site. Customer data is stored into your hosting & shared data is given to your preferred service provider.

Legal Data Collection & Storage

Your store will collect customer data and data collection policy across the world may be different based on your base country.

List of the customer’s stored data,

  • Customer’s billing Address
  • Zipcodes / postcodes
  • Customer name
  • Customer’s given email address for updates & order notices

We recommend consulting with a lawyer when deciding what information to disclose on your privacy policy. As we would like to suggest, You should disclose what information you are collecting, storing, and sharing on your privacy policy.

Note – We are not a lawyer consulting service provider and you should not take this as a legal advice.

Data shared with ShipPlus & IWP

None of your store or customer data is shared with ShipPlus & IWP.

We do not have any source of customer or store data. You are not sharing any of your customer data with us. But, you are sharing some of your information with us,

  • Your active support license data
  • Username & Email, If logged in into our support sites

No other data is shared to ShipPlus & IWP.

External Services

ShipPlus provides features like real time updates, live tracking, address validations, postcode validations, and shipment calculations. Such feature requires store owners to share customer data with third-party external services.

ShipPlus only works with renowned and worldwide third party services only like Google Maps, FedEex, UPS, USPS and many others.

Some of the external services privacy policy pages are shared here,

  1. USPS
  2. UPS
  3. FEDEX
  4. Royal Mail

Such data is not stored with us at IWP. It is shared between your WooCommerce store and your preferred service provider.

Our suggestion is to disclose the the information about collected data on your privacy policy page.

You should consider a lawyer based on your collected data and country to learn what to disclose on your privacy policy page.

Note – We are not a lawyer consulting service provider and you should not take this as a legal advice.