Setup Guide

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

IWP ShipPlus

We have explained all the installation and setting steps in-detail as it is a complex setup. If you are a beginner or do not understand any terms or setup areas, feel free to create a support ticket.

Setup Steps :

  1. Install & Activate ShipPlus
  2. Create your shipping rules
  3. Apply Conditions to shipping rules
  4. Setup your chosen post shipping service provider
  5. Setup advanced options ShipPlus provides.
  6. Connect your google cloud platform account.

Above 6 steps are explained in upcoming docs pages. Please follow along the guide.

To work properly, you must activate plugin with your purchase code.

Important Notes :

  • If you are using any paid third-party service, ShipPlus is not associated with any tokens/coins or payments. Third-Party service costs are not associated with IWP.
  • You will need WP Cron in your WordPress.
  • We recommend you to use a dedicated SMTP service provider if you are facing any email issues.
  • You will need a Google Cloud Platform account
  • You will need to follow the whole documentation process to create a successful setup.
  • ShipPlus does not provide any payment gateway by default. It is compatible with payment gateway plugins. You will need to have your preferred payment gateway plugin. Checkout these
  • ShipPlus does not customise the look of checkout page. It adds technical features to WooCommerce backend and your store. If you want to customise how your checkout page looks, follow these.