Getting Started

How to Install The Plugin?

You can install the plugin using 2 methods.

Install From WordPress

You will receive a folder from the codecanyon named “Package” as you can see in the image. Unzip it using any Archiver available in your computer device.

Package From Codecanyon

After unzipping the folder you will have access to all the files that are required for the plugin.

Folder Content

As you can see you will receive links to all the required pages, copy of your license and Pro version of the plugin. You have to import the Pro version in to your WordPress dashboard from upload plugins.

Uploading plugins

After successfully uploading the pro version of the plugin you will see a new tab at the bottom of the sidebar name IWP Menu. And in that you can check that if Pro version is enabled or not in the top right corner of that page.

Install Via FTP

Access your plugins folder from wp-contents in your hosted file manager.

& upload the received pro version in unzipped form into plugins.

You will see that plugin will be available in your plugins section in WordPress which you can activate.

If you find any issue then check here in the common issues

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