Common Mistakes

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Some issue may arise with plugin if you perform any of the task stated below,

  1. Menu Rendering Error: After creating a Menu in live editor & placing or injecting menu using widgets, PHP or short-code into a page then changing the names of the menu from live editor or changing the short-code number from PHP. This may or may not cause a temporary error in site because once a short-code is registered in database and removed from live editor, It does not gets removed permanently. Plugin will keep on checking for the short-code for 24 hours and then reset the database. If not then we have to change the checking time to some minutes or hours but it is not good for site to check something so many times. Solution: If you see any issue related Menu-Rendering then deactivate the plugin remove the short-code from the page that you have injected using widgets or PHP>>Save the page>>Activate the plugin again>>Reset the settings for that menu from live editor>>Add the plugin again using PHP or widgets & it will be solved.
  2. Multisite Issue: This plugin is completely compatible with Multisite network of WordPress But if you are trying to add image formats or icon formats that are not supported for your network then you may have to allow the format of the media from “Super Admin’s Dashboard” and then try to add icons or images in menu.
  3. Loading Speed Errors: This plugin does not conflict majorly with any of the site speed components for WordPress. But if you feel that Your site or page is getting slower with this plugin activated then try to check all the animations and customization styles that you have selected. Or you can contact our support team also if you feel any change in site speed. We are very concerned about the site speed of WordPress. And we are ready to solve any issue in the plugin if something arises. Please contact our support team if you feel any site loading issues.