Accordion Menu Pro has so many features to offer for your WordPress site. You can edit everything from our live editor, from the borders of the menu to the loading speed and taxonomies. This plugin covers all the requirements for the WordPress menus.

In this article we will cover all the customization settings available in this plugin with detailed explanation from top to bottom including everything.

Customization Settings Available in Accordion Menu Pro.

1. Types Of Menu

Two types of menus are supported with Accordion Menu Pro. \

  1. Custom menu
  2. Taxonomy Based Menu

Custom Menu: You can transform any type of WordPress menu into a custom Accordion Menu using this plugin. It allows you to import the accordion menu on any instance of the page with use of PHP, Widgets & Shortcode. If you want to know what is accordion menu in wordpress then click here,

Taxonomy Based Menu: You can use this plugin to transform your WordPress Post/Page or WooCommerce Taxonomies into a customizable Vertical Menu. It helps you create a completely customized menu inside Live editor with tons of options and settings.

2. Menu Parent Levels

Ever happened that you are opening a vertical menu in WordPress and you dont want to open a Top level menu and wanting to open the submenu but with a click on tab the top level page opens? And to open the desired submenu, you have to click on the little icon on the side of the tab otherwise main page will show up?

There is a fun fix for this issue in InnovativeWP’s plugin, Parent Level Selection. It allows you to block the links of the menus that have a children submenu.

How to use this feature?

Simply add 0 if you do not want to use, Add 1 if you want to block the links to level 1 of menu, Add 2 to block 2 levels of menu & Add 3 to add 3 levels of menu.

3. Collapse children terms

Collapse children termsPreviously expanded children terms will be collapsed, when collapsing parent

4. Collapse expanded term

Previously expanded term on the same level will be collapsed, when expanding new term

5. Animations

Some of the most important feature is animations. You can control the animations from the dashboard of WordPress. You can change the animation types, animation speed, entrance times, exit times and so much more.

There is a huge variety of animations available in the inventory and also animations are constantly added in the updates.

Settings available for animations are,

  • Duration of expand (in ms)
  • Duration of collapse (in ms)
  • Menu in animation (Input)
  • Sub-menu
  • expand animation
  • Sub-menu collapse animation

6. Menu Media Support

WordPress does not allow to add images in menus or taxonomies, But with Accordion Menu Pro you can add icons and images into wordpress menus, tags, post categories and much more in WooCommerce also.

You can add images after you activate the images option in your dashboard from our tab.

There are so many settings options available for display images terms. You can customize the menu for main state, hover state and much more.

Also there are so many settings options available to customize images and their appearance too.

7. Taxonomy Customizations

As we stated that you can create a taxonomy based menu, Also there are settings options available to customize the look and feel of taxonomies too. You can change various settings on taxonomies which are shown below.

8. Expand current item

The menu tree of the current item will be expanded when the page is loaded.

9. Expand pages, that includes current page

Pages, that are the parents of the current page, will be expanded when the page is loaded.

10. Additional expansion

Set what items need to be expanded when the page is loaded.

10. Import Export Settings

Accordion Menu Pro allows you to easily import and export menu settings with just a click.

11. Border Radius

You can control the radius of every component like buttons, containers, boxes, sub menu sections & so much more.

12. Transitions Time

You can change the time of every animation, you can change the speed of every animation going on to the menu.

13. Custom CSS

You can add custom CSS as per your requirements.

14. Menu Width

You can control the length and width of menu.

15. Margins & Padding

You can change margins and padding of the tabs, container, sub menus and more.

16. Background Color

You can change any of the element color, background link, button color, links color and so much more.

17. Term States

You can control what state to edit at what time. You can easily change the states of terms, links & toggle buttons from settings to edit the menus easily, Previously stated all the customization settings are available for every state individually.

You can control the link term with all the customization settings.

18. Toggle Button Settings

Dropdown icons can be customized too, Accordion menu’s pro version allows you to customize animations, color, width and much more for toggle button.

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