About Plugins

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SnapScan Gateway For WooCommerce allows you to accept payments more faster and safer. It is compatible with all the stores form South Africa based on WooCommerce. It allows to accept payments through an app that encrypts and stores a user’s card details on their phones.

With this plugin activated and setup correctly your site visitors will see an extra option to checkout named Snapscan as you can see in the image.

Your visitors can choose if they want to use SnapScan or not. if you have any other payment gateway enabled then that will appear too. In the image there is only on payment option available. With correct details, your customer can place the order and proceed to the payment screen.

As you can see in the image, this is the payment screen.

It works with both computer devices or mobile devices. If your user is on computer device then they can scan the code and pay for the order. And if they are on mobile device then they can continue to button “Click to Pay with SnapScan”

And that’s it. It allows more faster and easy way to checkout for your clients so that checkout process can become more easier and shorter. It gives your customer to have more time for shopping and lesser time for checkouts.