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IWP EU VAT For WooCommerce charges correct VAT accordion to user’s country on automation basis. With this plugin You can make

  • Charge the VAT tax for all your products accordion to the product.
  • Make all the process automation based
  • Your store compliant with the European laws.
  • Manage all the tax details with the order details easily.
  • Geolocation origin check for all clients automatically.
  • Tracks monthly paid amounts.
  • Deducts tax amount from total automatically.
  • Prevents the checkout for EU users for Digital Goods
  • Adds a VAT number field at the end of checkout
  • Country confirmation message to complete process
  • Saves Order Information (VAT Number, User Country)
  • Creates a Detailed report for all orders.
  • WPML Compatible

From January 1, 2015, the European Union has created new laws about the taxation on the purchase of digital goods for European citizens.

In the business to consumer sale, the shop must apply the VAT of the country of the purchaser; while in the business to business, it all depends whether the company owns valid VAT number recognized by the European Union.

As the owner of WooCommerce based e-commerce, you should be aware of the new European rules about digital goods. In fact, the European Union has decided to apply the VAT of the country of the purchaser in the B2C sales (business to consumer). On the contrary, in the B2B sales (business to business), if a company has a valid VAT number, the purchase will not be charged by any VAT, otherwise, the VAT to apply would be the same of the B2C sale.

To manage your WooCommerce store without any hassel it is very important that you must automate the process of the correcting taxes depending on your customers’ nation, without any other operation.

Updated Functions:

Compatible for physical products too.

Saves Additional Information (Users IP Address, Total vat amount paid information).

IWP EU VAT For WooCommerce Offers some out of the box features:

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