Plugins are supposed to be creating more functions and features for WordPress site but over usage of plugins and usage of not secured plugin may cause serious damage to site. There are so many vulnerabilities and functions that can cause high risk to potential threats. What to do to avoid such problems?

WordPress Security

InnovativeWP’s most updated coding approach has brought the most stable and safe results. Remember that no plugin in WordPress is 100& safe in reality. But our team has managed to deliver the best result possible. How?

Here are some points that will show you how innovativeWP’s plugins are more secure and safe than others,

From Reputable Site

InnovativeWP is verified by Envato’s Codecanyon Platform. You can trust the audience of millions from Envato. Our terms and products are completely over the top quality that meets the requirements of WordPress repositories and Envato’s policies. Secure & Safe plugins are only able to pass their checks.

If you need to download a plugin from another site, you can use these tips to help determine whether the site is reputable:

  • The site should pass the “eye test”: professionally designed and using clear language to describe the plugin.
  • Look for a valid company name with verifications.
  • Terms of service and a privacy policy readily available.

Updated Currently

The plugin directory makes it really easy to evaluate plugins by providing a nice summary that gives you almost everything you need. Here’s what we suggest you pay attention to:

  • The more recent the last update, the better.

Up to Date Plugins

Security vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in WordPress plugins. In many cases, the details of the vulnerability will be made public, meaning that the entire world is given the information necessary to exploit the security vulnerability. In fact, the large majority of attacks we see on WordPress sites are attempts to exploit well-known security holes, some many years old. Instead of looking for new vulnerabilities, attackers look for site owners who don’t keep things up to date. Unfortunately, they continue to have success. You can stay ahead of the curve by simply keeping things up to date.


As a WordPress site owner, managing your plugins is a critical component of keeping your site safe. Understanding the risks and actively managing them is an ongoing activity. By using careful criteria in selecting which plugins to install, keeping your existing plugins updated to the latest versions, and using a robust web-application firewall on your website, you can ensure that you’re doing everything you can to protect your site data from malicious attackers.

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