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Attribute Setup

Variations with Global Attributes

You can create products with global attributes and custom attributes. To create variations with global attribute


To create attribute for product,

  • Access WordPress backend of your site and open attributes from woocommerce’s product tab.
  • define a name and a slug for attribute and select the type of the variation that you want.
  • which can be color, image, button or radio button.
  • Select the type of ordering and create the attribute.

after creating attribute you have to assign terms for that attribute which you can do as per requirements from terms tab.

If you have choose any special type of product variation then you will see different page based on your selection. For example we choose image as variation so it showed us this page as showed in the image.

choose the image for variation, size of the image (thumbnail is recommended), select the type of tooltip and save the section. 

From now on whenever you will select this attribute for any product then it will show selected image and tooltip.