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Gallery Settings

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

In this section you will see How to customize the Product Gallery for your WooCommerce based E-commerce site. If you have used WooCommerce before then you will be very familiar with the design of the default product page layout. As you can see in the below image,

As you can see in the image, With previous section’s help we have solved the issue with Variation Swatches tab but still the gallery is not customized. Also there are not available settings in WooCommerce to customize these areas.

Let’s see what we can customize here,

  • Product Gallery
  • Gallery Size
  • Image Zooming Functions
  • Icon over images
  • Horizontal Gallery
  • Vertical Gallery
  • In Product Sliders
  • Image dimensions
  • Thumbnail Dimensions
  • & Still more

After customizing everything with our plugin you will be having something that looks like this,

As you can see in this image,

  1. Location of search icon over the product is changed (You can place it anywhere + change the icon + remove the icon)
  2. Complete Gallery images are now in a slider (You can change the colors of the gallery, designs of the frame and more)
  3. Product Gallery Dimensions are changed form covering full screen to a customized level
  4. Dimension of thumbnails are changed (You can change numbers of thumbnails too alongside their dimensiosn)

There are other so many features too, Click here to check them all with demo.