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Additional Gallery Images

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WooCommerce Variation Swatches And Additional Gallery By InnovativeWP is a complete solution for WooCommerce product page. It allows you to customize various elements of the page, in this section we are going to see how you can add Additional Gallery Images in your product gallery with help of our plugin.

As you can see on the demo here, All the images are visible but the issue is all of them are visible for every variation. You cannot assign images to separate variations. For example: If your product has variations based on colors like purple and green then, In the product gallery all the images will show up weather the user has selected green or purple. To solve this issue we have added Additional Images Addon in the plugin that allows you to add multiple gallery images for each variations.

As you can see in this images, complete product gallery is changing on changing the color from variations.

  • You can add unlimited number of additional images for a product.
  • All the images can be stacked into a pile and also they can be sorted into a slider.
  • Additional Images follows AJAX loading.
  • You can also add videos into gallery. (You can add youtube, vimeo and self hosted videos)
  • Additional Images are completely responsive to all the devices.
  • You can have horizontal and vertical gallery, Also it is possible to show gallery to left and right.
  • For every additional image, you can customize the size and dimensions of the image if you want to.
  • If you want to show variation image on archives page then also it is possible to do with this plugin.

WooCommerce Variation Swatches And Additional Gallery Allows you unlimited number of customizations, click here to get the complete details about every feature.