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Sharable Links

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What is a Sharable Variation Link?

Sharable link for variations allow you to create a specific link for every variation. if you run ads for your product then you share link for every variation separately.

Amazon and aliexpress allows you to share links for every variation separately, for example: If you have a product A with variations a, b, c, d then you can create separate links for every variations. here are the example of the links

  • yourdomain.com/store/prodcut-a/a
  • yourdomain.com/store/prodcut-a/b
  • yourdomain.com/store/prodcut-a/c
  • yourdomain.com/store/prodcut-a/d

For every type of attribute, you can create different tags in link. As you can see on the above demo;

  • Variation Name: Colors | Link Attribute : attribute_color=
  • Variation Name: Size | Link Attribute: attribute_size=

here are other features in the plugin that you can combine to create user friendly page.