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Global Settings VS Custom Settings

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Global Attributes
Custom Attributes

This plugin allows all the features to be applied in 2 ways.,

  • Global Attribute Products
  • Custom Attribute Products

For example, if you have a some products in store and you want some of the products to have different type of product settings (Like: different shape of variations, different sizes of variations). Then it is not possible to customize every product separately with most of other variation swatches plugin.

But with our Variation Swatches plugin you can create product with different settings for every product.

Let’s see some examples here, (You have product A and product B)

  1. If you want to show circle shaped variations on product A and square shaped variation on product B then it is possible with our plugins.
  2. if you want to show tooltips on product A and don’t want to show tooltips on product b, then you can control on products you can show tooltips separately.
  3. Image Sizes of the variations. If you want change the size of product A and product B then you can do that for every separate products.
  4. If you want to show custom tooltips on every different product variations then also you can do that.
  5. You can create dropdowns to images, colors variations separately.
  6. You can customize the size of variation buttons for different product attribute groups. If you want to show product A variations with 10*10px size and product B with 20*20px then also it is possible.
  7. If you want to show single preview images for every separate product then also it is possible.

There are more and more customization options available that you can check from here.