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AJAX Variation Loader

What is AJAX loading?

Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) makes page loading appear quicker and more seamless when navigating from one page to another. This feature is most beneficial for content-heavy pages, like Blog Pages and Gallery Pages

You can choose if you want to use AJAX loader on your product page, as you can see with any of the demo products all the images and swatches loads without constantly reloading images.

You can try this feature with your eCommerce site to find what suits best for you, We recommend you to use this feature with Default value.

  • If the product has so many variations (more than 4) then use the default 30 settings.
  • If product does not have many variations then you can try other settings.

There are other technical functions in this plugin too, such as

There are more and more customization options available that you can check from here.